If you live in Brighton & Hove or surrounding areas, you can take advantage of our night-time services.

Night-time Care & Support

Live-In Comfort Ltd offers a night-time service in Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas. This service can be offered if the client requires care and support during the night in addition to day care and support. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Waking Nights’* and involves the care and support worker going to the client’s home for a specified number of hours, usually from 9pm until 7am, and remaining awake to provide care and support.

*This service is usually charged at an hourly rate.

If the client simply needs reassurance that someone is in the property at night in case support is required, then a ‘Sleep-in Night’* is generally what is required. This means that the care and support worker will be able to sleep during the night, (the client will need to provide a comfortable sofa or a bed).

Usually your care and support worker will arrive at 9pm and leave at 7am the next morning. Clients may wish to note that, should the care and support worker be called upon on two or more occasions during the night, the service will revert to an hourly arrangement after the second call. Should this happen on a regular basis, then we would suggest that a Waking Night would be more suitable.

*We recommend that you purchase an intercom, monitor or telephone so you can alert your care and support worker when they are elsewhere in your home