Helping to alleviate the symptoms of dementia

In the United Kingdom, approximately 700,000 individuals have dementia (source: Medical News Today). Dementia is a degenerative syndrome characterised by the loss of mental functions including memory, reasoning and thinking. Among several causes, the most common are stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease.

People with this condition show signs of gradual deterioration in comprehension, language and perception, as well as changes in behaviour (e.g. moodiness, agitation, aggression). They can also lose the capacity for normal activities such as eating, bathing or dressing, and may fail to control emotions or solve problems on their own.

dementia-care-pngIn the United Kingdom, approximately 700,000 individuals have dementia, out of a total population of 61 million (Source: Medical News Today). While the majority of cases are incurable, keeping the brain active is one way to help prevent the disorder from developing. Researchers have reported that simple mental activities such as solving puzzles, playing games, reading and writing all contribute to keeping the brain active and healthy

Live-In Comfort Ltd offers holistic programmes to ensure that the personal, emotional, mental and social needs of our clients are met. We can help you, and your loved one, to cope with the symptoms of the early and advanced stages of dementia, offering a comprehensive programme of assistance to ensure that clients can enjoy a happy and safe life.